How to beat coronavirus blues in employees working from home

There’s a reason Italian balcony singing went viral. We’re social animals and it’s social interaction that boosts our mood, sparks ideas and energises us to get things done. Working from home (WFH) can be highly productive when it’s an option. But with staff working from home because of the COVID-19 threat, you may well be asking,

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‘How can I stop isolation from compromising our team’s productivity and wellbeing?’

With coronavirus causing high anxiety for businesses of all sizes, is there a way to keep your home workers feeling valued, motivated and engaged? Can the quality of their remote business interactions be re-calibrated in our new, COVID-19 world order? Can your team access specialist tools to build and enrich relationships now that the chips are down? So that you can equip your people to do better business remotely and to negotiate living and working at close quarters with their family members?


Our virtual workshops teach your people to build stronger relationships by phone and video calls

All our virtual workshops are run by Richard Mullender and his UK government-trained hostage negotiators. They’ve gained razor sharp listening skills from talking to hostage takers, terrorists and criminals over the phone. Equally important, the skills they’ve acquired in influencing everyone from the suicidal to the psychopathic, transfer to everyday life. And have proven to be phenomenally powerful in business.


Richard Mullender is uniquely qualified to help your WFH employees

World-renowned hostage negotiator, Richard Mullender, together with his hostage negotiation cell is running virtual workshops throughout this period of new restrictions. Your people can play an active part in his workshops from any device, anywhere. They’ll join a series of 6 hour-long, high energy, high impact workshops to gain practical, proven skills to use immediately on every phone and video call they make.


We’ll ask your WFH team to practise the skills between sessions and report back, for optimum stickiness

We schedule a week between each session so that your people can practise their newly acquired skills and pose questions in the next workshop. In this way, each session builds and embeds participants’ ability to listen, understand and influence, taking their communication skills to a new level. It’s negotiation training, but so much more.


Book a no-obligation consultation with Richard Mullender

If you’ve this read this far, you’re probably interested in what we’re offering. And you’re likely to have a raft of questions about how this might work for your workforce. (We know it’s imperative that any new investment in the current situation delivers quick and profitable results.) So we’re offering you a free, no-obligation consultation with The Listening Institute’s founder, Richard Mullender which you can hold by phone or video call. It’s an opportunity to share your needs, define the skills you want to foster in your workforce and learn first-hand from Richard how our workshops could help you and your people work more effectively in the weeks to come.

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