Learn life or death listening and gain our core negotiation qualification.

Achieve the outcome you want with your clients, prospects, boss, colleagues, suppliers, friends, partner and children.

We’re running this course as a series of three, 2-hour Virtual Workshops with an additional FREE 60-minute revision session until COVID restrictions are lifted.

With this course you’ll learn to:

  1. Set an outcome for every encounter.
  2. Choose a mindset for success.
  3. Control your physiology to put your brain on high alert.
  4. Identify, and differentiate between facts, emotions, motivators, values and levers.
  5. Subtly use minimal encouragers to keep the other person talking.
  6. Echo, to delve deeper without changing the subject.
  1. Turn questions into suggestions by stating your impression.
  2. Identify, select and interpret the key words that turn information into intelligence.
  3. Test your hypothesis without offending the other person.
  4. Argue your case using the other person’s values, beliefs and motivators, rather than your own.
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“In terms of return on investment, this training is unparalleled.”
Laura Cullen, Learning and Development Director, LMA
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We issue delegates with the Institute’s Life or Death Listening Diploma Level 1 Certificate at the end of the day following an assessment.

To pass, delegates need to demonstrate that they have learnt:

  • What to listen for
  • How to interpret the true significance of what’s been said
  • Precisely how to pitch a course of action for optimum success
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