Learn how to enter all negotiations at a level of conscious excellence with our most advanced qualification.

Follow the Negotiation Route Map to become a powerful business influencer.

Mind Mastery builds on our life or death listening skills to drill you in elite negotiation competencies. You’ll find the day exhausting, exposing and exhilarating in equal measure. Expect to cover the toughest negotiation terrain using the discipline of conscious excellence and armed with our unique tool-for-life; the Negotiation Route Map.

You can book this course as a series of three, 2-hour Virtual Workshops until COVID restrictions are lifted.

With this course you’ll learn to:

  1. Excel at keeping someone talking.
  2. Identify - at speed – the secrets that lie in their ramblings.
  3. Get people to like and trust you (you don’t have to like them).
  4. Work as a team to prepare and plan for every negotiation stage.
  5. Work as a team during meetings so you stick to pre-agreed roles and never undermine each other.
  6. Set a goal for your first meeting, call, or online conversation.
  1. Follow a disciplined investigation process for all subsequent contact.
  2. Deliver a benefit-rich proposal using the intelligence you’ve gathered, so you sell-in a solution that precisely mirrors their priorities.
  3. Know how to bargain with the four negotiation tradeables of price, quality, quantity and delivery.
  4. Review success.

Mind Mastery ends with a full scale, interactive ‘Live’ Hostage Scenario.

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“These skills have had a lasting impact on me. I’ve never forgotten them and use them all the time. Listening differently has given me a distinct advantage.”
Mike Dargan, Group Chief Information Officer, UBS
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We issue delegates with the Institute’s Mind Mastery Diploma Level 2 Certificate at the end of the day following an assessment.

To pass, delegates need to demonstrate that they have learnt:

  • How to identify and agree an outcome for every negotiation stage.
  • To leave egos in the car park and work as a team throughout a negotiation.
  • How to package their proposal so that it fulfils one or more of these criteria: ‘Make me money, save me money, boost my reputation’.
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