Attend as an independent delegate and improve your power to listen, understand and influence

An Open Course offers a rare opportunity for you to access the Institute’s training as an independent delegate. Alternatively, if you’re booking on behalf of an organisation, you can send a group of up to eight employees.

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Course Content

  • What you'll learn

    In two-hour workshops, over the course of four weeks, you’ll learn how to:

    • Set an outcome for every phone or video call.
    • Adopt a position to put your brain on high alert.
    • Select a mindset for success.
    • Subtly use minimal encouragers to keep the other person talking.
    • Identify - at speed – the secrets that lie in their ramblings.
    • Echo, to delve deeper without changing the subject.
    • Differentiate between facts, emotions, motivators, values and levers in the other person’s conversation.
    • Identify, select and interpret the key words that turn information into intelligence.
    • Turn questions into suggestions by stating your impression.
    • Suggest a course of action using the other person’s values, beliefs and motivators, rather than your own.
    • Test your hypothesis without offending the other person.
    • Work as a team during meetings so you stick to pre-agreed roles and never undermine each other.
    • Deliver a benefit-rich proposal using the intelligence you’ve gathered, so you sell-in a solution that precisely mirrors their priorities.
    • Know how to bargain with the four negotiation tradeables of price, quality, quantity and delivery.
    • Review success.

    Throughout the sessions, we’ll pair you up with other delegates in breakout rooms to practise the skills and report back. This means the exercises you do come as close as possible to face-to-face interaction.

    Read Richard’s experience of delivering our virtual workshops.

April 2021

Richard Mullender, together with the Institute’s Co-Founder, Katie Bleach, will deliver the courses throughout April 2021.

  • Evening Four Week Course 7th to 28th April 2021

    Course Now Full

    Week 1: Weds April 7th

    7pm – 9pm

    Week 2: Weds April 14th

    7pm – 9pm

    Week 3: Weds April 21st

    7pm – 9pm

    Week 4: Weds April 28th

    7pm – 9pm

    Course Prices

    £550 per delegate

  • Daytime Four Week Course 9th to 30th April 2021

    Spaces Available

    Week 1: Fri April 9th

    10am – 12 noon (GMT)

    Week 2: Fri April 16th

    10am – 12 noon (GMT)

    Week 3: Fri April 23rd

    10am – 12 noon (GMT)

    Week 4: Fri April 30th

    10am – 12 noon (GMT)

    Course Prices

    £550 per delegate

    Places strictly limited. Maximum 14 delegates per course.

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Course Materials

We’ll provide you with two easy-to-use pdf support guides.

  • Listening in 10 Easy Lessons
  • Five Stage Negotiation Protocols

On request, we’ll also send you out hard copies in high-retention envelopes. You can use them as practical aide-memoires, ideal for embedding elite listening skills from day one.

Person working at a computer
Illustration of a certificate

You’ll receive The Institute’s Listening Advantage Diploma

We’ll issue you with your Listening Advantage Diploma certificate on completion of the course. To qualify, you will have demonstrated that you know:

  • What to listen for
  • How to interpret the true significance of what’s been said
  • Precisely how to pitch a course of action for optimum success
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