You’ll be given a role within the hostage negotiation cell. Your job is to bargain with the hostage taker. Ours is to freeze-frame the action and guide you when the risk level gets too high.

Probably the most memorable training experience team members will ever have

Theory is all well and good. But the most lasting lessons are learned when the stakes are high and you have to respond in real time. Expect one of your team to be taken hostage. Unless you can gather enough crucial intelligence to argue persuasively for their release, don’t expect to see them again.

Expect to walk away:

  1. Able to claim you have experienced hostage negotiation in the raw.
  2. Having put your new skills to the test in an a controlled ‘life or death’ crisis situation.
  3. Ready to dine out on an unforgettable, white-knuckle encounter.
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We expect you to act responsibly

The Listening Institute teaches life or death listening. This skill gives you access to an individual’s mindset without their knowledge. You’ll learn to use your insight into a person’s values and beliefs to influence their actions. Since we operate on trust, we expect you to use what you learn on our courses responsibly.

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“The hostage scenario was the highlight of a phenomenally memorable day.”
Jane Bowring, Professional Development Director, BC Partners
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