£10-per-session, per employee

6 weeks, 6 LIVESTREAM, 60-minute sessions with Richard Mullender

A roadmap not a timetable... Data, not dates... Caution not confidence. Your people are living with enormous uncertainty right now, navigating hope and anxiety while trying to plan for a new normal full of unknowns.

Everyone’s mood and behaviour are inevitably affected. Which makes the ability to gain clarity, and to truly understand others, more important than ever before.

This is the time to give your workforce a new superpower. A set of easy-to-learn communication skills that they can use immediately and get excited by. Delivered as a weekly event they can count on, regardless of the uncertainty around restrictions lifting.

Lockdown-Lifting Listening Skills is an 100%-practical series of live broadcasts, complete with role-play, interactive polls and catch-up viewing. It’s a remarkably affordable way to support your workforce as the vaccine rolls out. Your employees will be able to

  • improve their listening skills to gain clarity, understanding and influence
  • listen to, and identify the emotions and motivators driving colleagues, suppliers, clients, family and friends
  • tell everyone that they’re being trained in lockdown-lifting listening by a hostage negotiator
Skills Cost Welcome Letter


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“After a year of isolation, many workers would love to be heard.”

Bartleby Column, The Economist interview with Richard Mullender, 23 January 2021

Help your employees thrive - personally and professionally - with these essential lockdown-lifting communication skills

Week 1

  1. Keep and build relationships as the lockdown lifts.
  2. Collaborate with colleagues online by listening as if lives depended on it.
  3. Stay outcome-orientated, rather than reactive.

Week 2

  1. Build trust and likeability when communicating remotely.
  2. Control your mindset, so that people’s low moods don’t affect your own.
  3. Find out what’s really going on when family or housemates act out.

Week 3

  1. Prepare and plan for important calls.
  2. Deepen relationships by getting the full story and demonstrating understanding.
  3. Learn simple tools to deal with challenging online conversations.

Week 4

  1. Raise your energy to deal with frustrated housemates/family.
  2. State your impression of what’s happening, without upsetting the other person.
  3. Suggest a course of action without offending the other person.

Week 5

  1. Identify early signs of crisis.
  2. Learn the three most important questions you can ask to give you genuine insight.
  3. Influence people under pressure by mirroring their values and beliefs.

Week 6

  1. Embed all these learnings as future life skills.
  2. Learn the ethics surrounding gaining trust, gathering intelligence, demonstrating understanding and exercising subtle persuasion.
  3. Become an all-round more effective communicator as we go into the ‘new normal’.

Catch up on-demand available throughout the course

various images of people working from home

When? Where? How?

Date/Time11am every Tuesday from 27th April to 1st June 2021
Session duration60 minutes
Course lengthSix weeks; same day of the week, same time, same log-in
HostRichard Mullender
ContentDynamic, 100% practical, lockdown-lifting communication skills
FormatUp-tempo and interactive: polls, chat and lots of feedback
ValueAttendees will be good to go with the skills as soon as each hour is up
AccessSimply send your employees to our streaming site where they can log on with the password we give you

How much does it cost?

Number of attendeesCourse cost per personWeekly investment per person
Up to 50£60£10
Between 50 and 100£54£9

Prices are inclusive of VAT

An open letter from Richard to your team

Richard Mullender

Hi to you all and welcome to these LIVE broadcasts.

At this time of uncertainty, it’s our responsibility to listen to the people around us. People are anxious as we emerge from lockdown into a very different world.

All of us are worried about the physical and mental health of our loved ones, young and old. Some of your friends and family may have the added burden of whether they can put food on their family’s table. You may be anxious about what re-entering the workplace might mean and how it’s going to feel after all this time.

This six-part course can’t give you certainty about any of those things but it will equip you with the skills to spot the signs when someone is feeling the stress, and help you to keep and build relationships with everyone around you, from family and housemates to your colleagues, bosses or suppliers.

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    This course is designed to give you the skills used by Hostage Negotiators so you can use them in all walks of your life. They are communication skills aimed primarily at helping you navigate a post-lockdown world. However you’ll find they’re much more than that, and once learnt, these are skills you can use to help yourself and the people around you, at any time in the future.

    Before we start to learn those skills, I want to set your minds at rest. When we run these courses, many people ask, “Can I learn these skills or are some people just naturally good?” In other words, can I do it?

    So, to begin with I want to introduce you to me. I was born in the 1950’s, a working-class boy from Brixton, the fifth child of honest hard-working parents.

    My mother stayed at home to look after us six children, while my father worked in the Sunlight Laundry on the shop floor.

    I had a good fifties and sixties education and left school at 16, joining the army as a private one year later. On leaving the army after four years, reaching the rank of corporal, I settled into civilian life.

    I had numerous jobs including welder, wages clerk, deck hand on a hovercraft and many others. Eventually I joined the police, and after many years as a detective I was selected to become a hostage negotiator. I finally ended my police career as Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Unit.

    Why am I telling you all this? Because I’m looked on as an expert in this field and as you can see, everything I know, I learnt away from school or university.

    This course is practical and is designed to give you skills that all of you can use.

    I have never been interested in why something works, I am only interested in how I can do it.

    I’ve never asked myself, when talking to someone in crisis, “I wonder what Freud would do?” I’ve always gone back to, and relied on these basics.

    These skills are available to everyone, they can be taught and learnt. They need to be practiced, but even that can be easy. There isn’t a single person out there who isn’t capable of becoming a brilliant communicator. You already have all the ability you need. What I’ll do, is teach you how to use that at a different level.

    Welcome to you all.

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