Expect the most authentic, high stakes negotiation of your life

Imagine telling your people that a Scotland Yard Lead Hostage Negotiator is going to teach them to listen and persuade like a pro.

Can you top that? The answer is yes.

You tell them that the grand finale to their training is a test of their new skills against members of one of the world’s finest negotiation cells.

Pit your wits against our crack team

You see, we know the most lasting lessons are learned when the stakes are high and you must to respond in real time. In our Live Hostage Role Play you can expect captives to be taken. You and your team will need to gather enough crucial intelligence to argue persuasively for their release. Lives depend on the accuracy and speed of your newly acquired skills.

The feedback has been unanimous - this is most memorable training ever.

Meet our Negotiation Cell

Our Negotiation Cell is made up of hostage negotiators who have worked for the Crown in some of the world’s most hostile environments. They have a wealth of first-hand experience in national and international kidnap and extortion cases.

Like Richard Mullender himself, on leaving Her Majesty’s service, our agents have successfully transferred their negotiation skills to serve their own business interests. (We’ve made one exception; we have an outstanding agent who remains on active duty. As you’ll appreciate, we are not at liberty to reveal their identity on this forum.)

David Douglas

Investigation Head - Princess Diana death conspiracy theories

More about David

Philip Williams

Counter Terrorist Command - London 7/7 suicide attacks onwards

More about Phil

Stephanie Wiseman

Sterile Corridor Commander, governing over 40 hostage negotiators

More about Stef

Active Service Agent

Embargoed – skeleton information only, police interdiction in operation

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