Life or death judgement

Our Negotiation Cell is a crack team made up of phenomenal hostage negotiators, uniquely qualified to improve your communication skills on all levels. These are men and women who have worked for the Crown in some of the world’s most hostile, high-stake environments. Equally important, they’ve successfully transferred those skills to serve their own business interests on leaving Her Majesty’s service. (We’ve made one exception; we have an outstanding trainer who remains on active duty. As you’ll appreciate, we are not at liberty to reveal their identity on this forum.)

Meet our Negotiation Cell

Sean Cunningham

Awarded Order of the British Empire (OBE) for International Hostage Negotiation

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Philip Williams

Counter Terrorist Command - London 7/7 suicide attacks onwards

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David Douglas

Investigation Head - Princess Diana death conspiracy theories

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Stephanie Wiseman

Sterile Corridor Commander, governing over 40 hostage negotiators

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Active Service Agent

Embargoed – skeleton information only, police interdiction in operation

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