Institute Founder, Katie Bleach

Are you looking for a conference speaker with the commercial clout to translate hostage negotiation skills into business wins? And pack those stories with real ‘Ah-ha’ moments? Katie has the humour, ease and drive to entertain and educate in equal measure.

Ultimate fusion of hostage negotiation insights and Ad Land know-how

Katie will deliver a compelling, interactive walk through the listening skills used in hostage negotiation. She’ll show you how to combine those skills with the persuasive techniques used in advertising. A turbo-charged hour that’ll boost your power to pitch across the board.

  • Using the Pitching Advantage model...

    • Agree your outcome internally
    • Listen for your prospect’s unintentional insights
    • Lead with a proposition you now know will resonate
    • Craft a hierarchy of benefits
    • Seal the deal

    Katie will show you how to

    • Create a super-short stakeholder brief to benchmark progress
    • Listen like a hostage negotiator for intelligence your prospect never intended to give away
    • Lose the formality, succeed with a proposal that starts in the middle
    • Make your pitch all about them
    • Only enter the picture once you’re a team
    • Write your pitch as if you were speaking
    • Tell a compelling brand story built on the insights you’ve gained

Holding your event online?
If you’re holding your event remotely, rest assured, we can speak via a live video link, a pre-recorded package or a mixture of both.

Build a buzz before your event

Keynote attendees talking

The best keynote speakers create a buzz well in advance of an event. The Listening Institute’s key players do so in shedloads. Look at the search engines; delegates are sharing life-changing learnings. Expect numbers to spike when you book us.

Feel the thrill during your event

Richard Mullender and Katie Bleach presenting on stage

Katie and Richard preface their sessions with these words, ‘My task today is threefold; to challenge you, to entertain you and to teach you something you don’t know.’ They more than deliver on all three counts.

Amplify appreciation after your event

Attendees in discussion

When you field speakers as charismatic as Katie and Richard, three things tend to happen. Delegates feel compelled to share their experience with colleagues, family and friends. They attribute their new-found skills to your memorable event. They ask you to book them again.

"Katie’s expertise and passion have left a lasting impression."
Balsam Khodr, Partner Development Manager, Strategy& - The global strategy consulting team at PwC
"Katie was inspiring. I was blown away by her performance."
Jennie Mummery, Senior Supporter Care Engagement Manager, Alzheimer’s Society
"All my colleagues are raving about Katie! It's very rare to find a training session with this level of impact and a real pleasure to have had the opportunity to benefit from your experience and expertise"