Our open courses bring previously undisclosed listening and negotiation techniques into the public domain. An open course offers a rare opportunity for you to access the Institute’s training as an independent delegate. Alternatively, if you’re booking on behalf of an organisation, you can send a group of up to eight employees. (Just so you know; we separate delegates up, so your team won’t be sitting together.)

We’re running our open courses as Virtual Workshops until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Contact us for more details.

About our courses

  • ‘Life or Death Listening’ at Diploma Level 1

    Our principal 8-hour open course programme is: ‘Life or Death Listening’ at Diploma Level 1. Demand is high and waiting lists fill up quickly.

    The day’s top 5 game-changers

    • Gain and build trust and rapport
    • Glean information without asking questions
    • Interpret the true significance of what’s being said
    • Use conversational conventions to boost your influence
    • Position an action as desirable using your client, colleague or companion’s core values, rather than your own.

    Gain the power to influence, negotiate and persuade.

    Prepare to be:

    • Entertained
    • Challenged
    • Trained in life-changing communication skills from the world of hostage negotiation.
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  • ‘Mind Mastery’ at Diploma Level 2

    Our follow-up open course programme

    ‘Mind Mastery’ at Diploma Level 2 is occasionally available to vetted delegates as a one-day open course.

    Mind Mastery builds on our life or death listening skills to drill you in elite negotiation competencies. You’ll find the day exhausting, exposing and exhilarating in equal measure. Expect to cover the toughest negotiation terrain using the discipline of conscious excellence and armed with our unique tool-for-life; the Negotiation Route Map.

    You need to have gained Diploma Level 1 to qualify to attend a Mind Mastery open course. We conduct our delegate vetting process for this open course via a 10-minute delegate phone call. The vetting process is attitudinal, not data-based. Vetting for all Mind Mastery delegates is part of our corporate social responsibility policy to prevent misuse of the skills we teach.

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