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Hostage Negotiator on Board

Confidential, senior-level individual consultancy

A fresh perspective, coupled with elite negotiation techniques, can make all the difference in critical discussions. That’s why Richard Mullender, and Michelle Kelley provide negotiation advice at the very highest level within organisations.

Our one-to-one advice sessions are highly flexible. For example, Richard held a one-off advice session with the CEO of a leading multinational some years ago. To this day the CEO asks for help from time to time; help that can vary from phone sessions to a quick email judgement call, through to editing a critical proposal document.

As you’ll appreciate, this aspect of the Institute’s work is highly confidential. If you’d like to find out more, or you’d like help with a sensitive negotiation you’re conducting, please get in touch.

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"To put it bluntly, the advice I received helped cement a significant client relationship and saved me a very great deal of money."
Daniel Plaetzer, Managing Director, Duma-Bandzink