Your people are allocated roles in the hostage negotiation. Your collective job is to get everyone out safely. Ours is to freeze-frame the action and guide you when the risk level gets too high.

Intense, exciting, memorable

You can add a Live Hostage Scenario to any of our corporate training courses. It works as well online as in real life. Expect one of the most authentic, high-stakes negotiations your team will ever have.

Theory is all well and good. But the most lasting lessons are learned when the stakes are high and you have to respond in real time. Someone will be taken hostage. Unless you can gather enough crucial intelligence to argue persuasively for their release, don’t expect to survive.

You will walk away:

  1. Able to claim you have experienced hostage negotiation in the raw.
  2. Having put your new skills to the test in a controlled ‘life or death’ crisis situation.
  3. With the story of an unforgettable, white-knuckle encounter to share.

Your Live Hostage Scenario will be run by Richard Mullender or Michelle Kelley. It will also involve the Institute's Co-Founder Katie Bleach and/or an agent from our Crack Hostage Negotiator Cell. All Crown hostage negotiators, they include Philip Williams, who played a crucial leadership role in London’s counter-terrorist command after the 7/7 bombings and David Douglas who headed up the investigation into Diana’s death.

You can schedule a live hostage scenario as a grand finale to any training course.

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“My team haven’t stopped talking about the live hostage roleplay! It was the ultimate life or death negotiation. A light in the gloom of lockdown and the most memorable way to embed the skills they’ve learnt.”
Tom Castley, UK Vice President of Sales, Outreach
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Sterile Corridor Commander, governing over 40 hostage negotiators

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