How our training gives you The Business Edge

  1. To deliver a business outcome you must be able to influence people.
  2. The power to influence starts with elite level, ‘life or death’ listening skills.
  3. The listening skills we teach allow you to turn the information someone unknowingly reveals (even on first meeting) into intelligence.
  4. Intelligence so revealing that within a very short time, you can develop a profound understanding of the other person and how they see the world.
  5. Which gives you a unique power to influence them - by selling them a solution that appeals to their deeply held values and beliefs, rather than your own.
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All our courses are based on this proposition, so every delegate leaves with an evidence-based Business Edge.

Richard Mullender sums up The Business Edge in 90 seconds

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Introducing our Hostage Negotiator Cell

Meet Sean Cunningham

Awarded Order of the British Empire (OBE) for International Hostage Negotiation

Click below to find out more about Sean and the hostage negotiators who run our white-knuckle live negotiations.

Meet the Institute Cell
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“You trained Claire yesterday and today she used the skills with a prospective donor. The result? £45,000! That’s a lot of children helped!”
Alison Pemberton, Head of Major Giving, NSPCC
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