Intense, memorable, some say life-changing. This weekend will have team members pushing the boundaries of what they thought possible.

The more intense the experience, the deeper embedded your team’s listening and negotiation skills will be. That’s why a key player from our negotiation cell masterminds every moment of this highly interactive and unforgettable weekend.

Your hostage negotiator will work with you to recreate life-at-risk situations they’ve resolved in some of the world’s most hostile, high-stake environments. At least two-thirds of your team’s time will be spent role-playing in ‘live’ hostage scenarios with external hostage-takers adding surprise and authenticity. These could range from domestic sieges to international kidnapping re-enactments.

By Sunday evening each of your delegates will have developed advanced listening and negotiation skills. More than that, they will return home with the most vivid of stories to tell.

Friday (evening)

Introductions and 45-minute hostage negotiation ‘taster’.


A highly interactive marriage of our two Diploma courses; The Listening Edge and Mind Mastery.


  1. High decibel levels.
  2. To get to know your fellow team members extremely well.
  3. To experience your first nil-by-mouth Hostage Negotiation Scenario.


An all-day Hostage Negotiation Scenario, exciting, exhausting and exhilarating by turns.


  1. To put your skills into action in the ultimate high-stakes bargaining platform.
  2. To learn to build and maintain trust at an unprecedented level within your team and with strangers in a very short space of time.
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“This stuff is dynamite. It’s stunning how well it works.”
Cas Sydorowitz, Head of Global Activism, Georgeson
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