Philip’s Credentials

As former Director of the UK’s Hostage and Crisis Negotiation programme and specialist advisor to successive UK governments and global organisations, Philp has gained unparalleled skills within the high pressure world of crisis leadership, critical decision-making and life-at-risk negotiation. That experience is strengthened by his exposure to the demands, challenges and needs of a broad range of national and international commercial businesses, organisations, government and independent bodies, specialist professions and individual professionals.

Work abroad

Philip is one of the longest serving Hostage and Crisis Negotiators and his experience includes deployments in some of the tensest, most hostile, high-stake environments across six continents.

Noteworthy investigations

Member of the senior leadership team for the Counter Terrorist Command that dealt with the first terrorist suicide attacks within the UK from 7/7 onwards.

Current business interests

Philip is a Practioner, Trainer and Coach for the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), London.

Training style

Creative, Transformational, Practical – if it is 3am, pouring with rain and I am on top of a roof trying to save a life; can I remember the technique, apply it in the moment and does it work!

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