Sean’s Credentials

Sean advised the UK Government on all hostage-related issues from 2007 to 2011. This was the culmination of a police career that saw him serve on the Flying Squad and subsequently as Head of Technical and Conventional Surveillance. Sean was a crisis and kidnap negotiator for 10 years and was awarded an OBE for international hostage negotiation. He has an MSc in Critical and Major Incident Psychology specialising in the accountability of advisers.

Work abroad

Sean has worked globally as a trainer, mentor and investigator. He has engaged directly with government departments in Germany, Switzerland, Iraq, Mali, Kenya, the USA and Canada in respect of life at risk situations.

Noteworthy investigations

As a police officer Sean investigated serious sexual offences, kidnapping, contract killing and murder. In the private sector he’s led investigations into corruption, money laundering, threats of assault and suspicious death.

Current business interests

Sean works as a crisis management consultant for a London-based risk management business.

Training style

Practical, experience-based and good humoured.

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