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Turbo-charge your team’s communication and negotiation skills

More effective home-working

Imagine you’re on the end of a phone negotiating the release of hostages. Diffusing a domestic siege. Or dissuading a would-be suicide. Think how well you would need to listen, understand and influence. Our founder, Richard Mullender has done all of these over the phone. Many times. So he knows a thing or two about remote communication. A skillset he’s ideally equipped to share with your team. The skills that Richard teaches in his Virtual Workshops apply to all aspects of business communication.

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Richard Mullender
Richard Mullender - delivers all our Virtual Workshops.

Teach your team how to listen, understand and influence

Two hours a week for three weeks, with a revision session in week four.

  1. Set an outcome for every phone or video call.
  2. Subtly use minimal encouragers to keep the other person talking.
  3. Differentiate between facts, emotions, motivators, values and levers in the other person’s conversation.
  4. Suggest a course of action using the other person’s values, beliefs and motivators, rather than their own.
  1. Select a mindset for success.
  2. Echo, to delve deeper without changing the subject.
  3. Identify, select and interpret the key words that turn information into intelligence.
  1. Adopt a position to put their brain on high alert.
  2. Turn questions into suggestions by stating their impression.
  3. Test their hypothesis without offending the other person.

60-minute revision workshop in week four delivers ultimate stickiness

Throughout the course, we pair delegates up in virtual chatrooms. This means the exercises they take part in come as close as possible to face-to-face interaction.

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Our workshops help your people get the outcomes they need from their phone and video calls

A lifeline for employees working from home under COVID restrictions, our training embeds elite communication skills and counteracts isolation.

Delivery Benefit COVID advantage
Two hours a week for three weeks, with a 60-minute revision session in week four Easy to schedule A highlight in the home-working week
Weekly sessions Time to practise and develop each skillset Highly manageable time commitment
Delegates paired-up online for interactive exercises Lots of real time, ‘learning-through-doing’ experiences Sociable and enjoyable
Short introductory re-cap and Q&A from session 2 onwards Optimum engagement and stickiness. Boosts motivation and involvement
Free 60-minute revision session Embedded. Embedded. Embedded. Rich content, structured to strike home
Main instructor: Richard Mullender Former Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Unit A high-demand keynote conference speaker, Richard says his task for each workshop is threefold, “To entertain you, to challenge you and to teach you something you don’t know.’

How our Virtual Workshops give your people The Business Edge

  1. The key to supercharging your power to influence is knowing how to listen at an elite level. The listening skills we teach allow you to turn the information someone unknowingly reveals (even on a cold call) into intelligence.
  2. This intelligence is so revealing that within a very short time, you can develop a profound understanding of the other person and how they see the world.
  3. Which gives you a unique power to influence them - by selling them a solution that appeals to their deeply held values and beliefs, rather than your own.
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